How to Add a PDF to your Conversational Landing Page

  • 15 October 2023
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Adding a PDF to your Conversational Landing Page can be an additional way to engage with your visitors by giving them either marketing material, sales material, or even service material to read through and then chat in on with your rep.

To add a PDF to your Conversational Landing Page:

Select your Conversational Landing page from the Playbooks icon, OR, you can create one by going to Playbooks > Create chat playbook > Landing page

Once you have you Conversational Landing Page created and you’re in the settings

  1. Select the Content Tab on your Landing Page builder. 
  2. Under Marketing Content, select PDF to drag and drop or search for a PDF to upload.

Having your PDF uploaded can be leveraged to provide additional info for your visitors and allow you to share intel with them in order to drive a conversation even further.

3 replies

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Are you experiencing your PDF’s text, links, or other CTAs not rendering properly on your Landing Page?

We often find flattening your PDF does the trick! To ensure your PDF and the document’s embedded CTA functions are rendering as expected, flatten your document, re-save the document, and then upload the flatten PDF to your Landing Page.


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This article by abode will help guide our customers on how to flatten an image.

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When flatten a PDF it is important to use Adobe compatible text. This will ensure the rendering of the PDF is clear and crisp when displayed in a customer’s CLP.