Personal Settings vs Company Settings

Anyone have tips on how they coach new Drift users through their personal settings? Or all of your Drift users when changing your company default setup across the group?

I wish we had more control over company-level default settings that users could add their own flair to. Instead of all Drift customer defaults that we go through and change for each person within their own accounts.

It makes it all the more important to streamline when everyone's remote.



  • Hey there, bgammons!

    Kristen here with the Drift support team, so sorry for the delay! This is a GREAT question and while I do have a couple of things to share I've also passed along some points that you mention (a step down from global/company level settings that allow some personalization; ways to further personalize with folks being remote) to our product team!

    For personal settings:

    • first have the new user set their personal avatar here
    • then their notifications here (a few helpful docs to give a bit more info about notifications in Drift for setting them up; best practices; and troubleshooting them)
    • if they will be having customers schedule meetings with them, they can connect their calendar here and set up meetings (here's a helpdoc to walk them through!)
    • next, their profile! This is a great place for folks to add personalization and to create their own unique piece of the greater company's Drift presence. Here is a helpdoc walking through some advanced practices for profiles!
    • after that, email settings (specifically email signatures) can be customized. You'll notice there are 2 types of email signatures: Drift Email Signatures and Gmail Signatures, the Gmail Signatures are customized as a company (in the email signatures playbook) versus the Drift Signatures which can be edited on a person to person basis.
    • Finally, Drift Assistant is a way for folks to choose how they'd like to customize upcoming meeting information.

    As I mentioned earlier, I am passing along the feedback that it would be great if people could customize their own accounts a bit more than we currently allow, so thank you so much for bringing that to our attention! Appreciate you reaching out and we're always here if anything comes up 😎

    Stay safe and have a great rest of your week!