Drift + Self Serve sales funnels?

Does anyone have experience using Drift to direct a visitor to sign up for a trial/paid account right away instead of speaking with a rep first?


  • Hey there, Sammi from Drift here. It sounds like you're looking to use Drift to direct someone to a form. If you have an MAP connected and can have someone sign up for a free trial through the bot, that would be my first recommendation.

    If that's not possible in your instance today, you can include copy within the chat bot that is pointing site visitors towards the page where your free trial lives. However, I would still have a bot on that page where site visitors can speak with reps, especially if they are interested in starting an account.

    3 other experiences I want to point you towards are:

    1.) An Embedded CLP (see image below) - You can use the embedded CLP like we have on our webinars page for registration and then also route in a rep to continue the conversation.

    2.) Put a bot on a "thank you" page once someone has signed up for a free trial to start a conversation with a rep

    3.) Upload a list of free trial users and retarget them when they come back to the site