For Smartling, using conversational marketing translated into 75% more meetings booked

đź’ˇ The key to customer centricity is being there for your customer when they need you.

The Challenge: A Seller-Centric Website Missing Out on Qualified Buyers

New York-based Smartling is a leader in translation management software and translation services.

Smartling’s Director of Brand and Communication, Adrian Cohn, has a somewhat unlikely background for a Smartling marketing leader: Customer Success. But as improving the buying experience becomes more crucial, his path will become more common among forward-thinking marketing teams. Because these days, being able to craft a message isn’t enough: In order to get that message to resonate, you need to be able to understand the behavior of your customers.

“When I joined marketing, my priority was to fix our product messaging and brand experience. It was also painfully obvious that our challenge was beyond messaging: The buyer experience was old-fashioned. Our website was stuck in 2010 and was too old school. Hard to navigate. Forms everywhere. Complicated buying process. We spent a lot of time developing the website with very little return.”

And the data backed it up. Taking a look under the hood, Adrian realized that despite Smartling’s considerable website traffic, people weren’t filling out the forms on their site.

Adrian made the decision to focus on completely rebuilding and refreshing Smartling’s website. In a little over a month he launched an entirely new website – new content, a refreshed brand position, and not a single form in sight. Instead, relied 100% on conversational marketing to drive real-time, one-to-one conversations.

Check out how Adrian was able to remove friction for Smartling's buying process and the results they saw in the first year (including an increase in conversations by 86%!)

What do you think? What tactics or tool have you used to reduce friction for your buyers? 👇

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