Curious what good Drift stats look like? From a Drift Super User

To give you some context: I am the Drift Super user, have been building on the Drift platform for almost 3 years, and have worked with almost 100 Drift clients in building out their bots

People always ask me:

What is a good engagement rate?

What is a good email capture rate?

What is a good demo booked rate?

If we implemented a strategic build what would be the impact?

Guess it's easier just to show you. Here is a Drift video showing some real stats

Here is the secret... good contextual openers, providing value in the bots, ungated content, no forms, and engaging conversational video...

In this case... we 3X'ed the conversations they were already having on Drift, 10X'ed their email capture, and 4X'ed the demos they were getting. That would get any CMO or demand gen folks a raise!

Building out chatbot strategy is often more complicated than your UX, funnel strategy, and traffic strategy... primarily because if your chatbot system is built right, it's integrated into each part to create a contextual, cohesive, conversation.

Want some more specific content on building out your strategy? There is a course on Drift Insider under Drift Training Called... Strategic bot building. Worth watching!

Additionally if you need help building out your chatbots or want to zoom. You can always book a 30 minute call with me.


  • That's interesting, but I was hoping the video would touch upon typical customer rating scores for chatbots. We love that customers can rate our chatbots, but we have no idea how these scores actually measure up...

    Can you point me to any resources about this?