🚢🚢⚡️All Aboard! New Drift Releases: July 29th

This post is part of a series that highlights product updates, or "ships," that we are sending your way.

At Drift, one of our mottos is "always be shipping." Which means we are invested in improving our products for you.

Join your captains Kristen and Katie for this week's update adventure!

Drift Chat 🤖

  • Send transcript to teammates
    • What: Send the chat transcript to other teammates in your Drift account
    • Why: Our users rely on the ability to send transcripts to themselves and their teammates for various workflows and archiving purposes, to send their AEs some context on the conversation, to keep managers in the loop, etc. We also get "why did you remove send transcript!" all the time so we added a shortcut in the menu just like tags
    • Where: Desktop app/new conversation experience (http://app.drift.com/conversations)
    • Who: all paid users
  • Quick actions for offline users
    • What: Now when you're viewing an offline user to whom you have not yet chatted, you will be presented with a "Send an email" button alongside your existing quick replies!!
    • Why: Have you ever clicked on an ABM notification or started typing to a user on your site, only to find that they've left the page already? Sure, you could just send them a message and let Drift shoot that over as a fallback email, but that's not as effective as a personal, direct, finely crafted outreach email. So you go over to the sidebar and you copy their email address and you open a new tab and you go to www.gmail.com and you paste their email... THIS SUCKS! There has to be a better way!
    • Where: Desktop app/new conversation experience (http://app.drift.com/conversations)
    • Who: everyone!
  • New Revenue Pipeline Logic
    • What: With this ship we are now tracking every opportunity that we say we influence to all contacts and all chats these contacts had with Drift. We also have a Sourced filter now that would show you only those opportunities where the primary contact was chatting with us up to 90 days prior to the opportunity getting created. Also added Currency Conversion!
    • Why: Have you heard our customers complaining that Drift's influenced revenue numbers are inflated? Well, we deflated them for you! Have you heard them saying that they want to see exact conversations that we claim resulted in opportunities? We have that covered for them now!
    • Where: https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/new-pipeline
    • Who: Essential and above with SFDC dashboard enabled
  • New Metrics overview and sales cycle reports!!
    • What: Giving customers a one stop shop for how Drift is performing is crucial to help them understand the value that Drift delivers. We are also putting these metrics in the context of our customers' other channels by highlighting how we do against non-Drift SFDC opportunities. Finally, we have a Sales Cycle report to show how fast Drift accelerates the sales cycle (not for org 1 in the pic below tho because our sales team moves too damn fast already!).
    • Why: Giving customers a one stop shop for how Drift is performing is crucial to help them understand the value that Drift delivers.
    • Where: https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/overview
    • Who: Essential and above with SFDC
  • Data in SFDC opportunity CSV export
    • What: Now it is easier to explore how conversations influence opportunities with filtering by CQL/Email captured or meeting booked.
    • Why: Adding more fields to our CSV gives AEs/CSMs and our customers the ability to dig into the data easier without having to do painful joins across multiple csv exports. Exposing playbook data gives even more flexibility in measuring ROI on customers' automation or region specific playbooks!
    • Where: Pipeline and Closed Won Reports (https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/pipeline and https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/closed-won)
    • Who: Essential and above with SFDC

Drift Email 💌

  • Email Bot campaign reports now include filters
    • What: Email Bot campaign reports can be filtered on just how their leads responded, search for a specific email address within the campaign, and based on their qualification.
    • Why: Marketers need to report on progress of their email campaigns, especially when they’re showing how many qualified leads their campaigns are generating.
    • Where: Drift Email campaigns (https://email.drift.com/campaigns)
    • Who:All Drift Email Bot customers
  • HubSpot-powered Email Bots Audiences
    • What: Ability to send a Drift Email email campaign to a HubSpot list. Similar to the Marketo integration, Email Bots customers can now import any contact list from HubSpot to use as their audience, contacts will be automatically enrolled in and unenrolled from a campaign if added or removed from the connected list.
    • Why: Previously, if an email bots customer didn't use Marketo they would have to rely on static list imports from their MAP into Drift (friction)! This favored one-time sends vs. ongoing campaigns. Also, 5 out of the 15 Email Bots customers use HubSpot as their MAP.
    • Where: Import contacts & campaign audiences (in email.drift.com)
    • Who: Email Bots customers using HubSpot
  • More humanized values for Time of Last Conversation in Drift Email campaigns!
    • What: Updated the values for the time of last conversation to make it more conversational
    • Why: We encourage our customers to write their emails with Conversational Marketing in mind. Part of that is keeping it human.
    • Where: Drift Email
    • Who: Drift Email customers

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