🚢🚢⚡️All Aboard! New Drift Releases: August 11th

This post is part of a series that highlights product updates, or "ships," that we are sending your way.

At Drift, one of our mottos is "always be shipping." Which means we are invested in improving our products for you.

Join your captains Kristen and Katie for this week's update adventure!

Drift Chat 🤖

  • Email capture stats in Audiences
    • What: See how many emails have been captured for a specific audience
    • Why: The focus on tracking coverage as a measure of success leveraged marketers' familiarity with analyzing funnels by presenting the data with the measurable and recognizable pattern of Covered > Conversations > Meetings. However, not every user uses Drift to book meetings and the percentage of meetings booked is often minuscule. Both customers and reps have asked for emails captured as a means to fill these gaps and enable users to use an additional metric to sort out which audiences are high conversion and worth expanding coverage for.
    • Where: Audiences (Your Audiences list)
    • Who: Enterprise customers with Audiences

Drift Email 💌

  • Bot Review Queue Items Emailed to Customers
    • What: Now, when a new item enters the queue for human review, users are notified via email
    • Why: Sometimes Email Bots require a little human assistance when evaluating the intent of a reply. These emails will speed up their response time to leads from Bot Skills and Campaigns.
    • Where: Profile Notification Settings > Bot Review Queue Emails
    • Who: All Drift Email customers

Drift Video 📹

  • Team Performance Video Report Filtering
    • What: You can now filter by specific users, # of video views, and # of meetings booked from the team performance report in the video app. In addition, this information is stored within the query string of the URL, which makes these filtered reports shareable within a video team.
    • Why: One of the biggest pieces of feedback we got from Team Video users was that video was difficult for management to adopt because it was hard to measure success. We have basic video reporting capability built already, but it can be difficult to hone in on the stats that matter.
    • Where: Team performance overview on video.drift.com
    • Who: Team Video customers

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