does anyone know the javascript code to turn off the text that pops with the playbook?

I am looking to turn off the text that pops up with my playbook. i have tried many workarounds but the simplest one seems to be a simple javascript code to turn it off.

basically i want to just the bot to pop up without the text next to it.

Anyone have any idea's. I've tried building my own button and replacing it with the widget but that made it so the customer cannot go onto multiple pages while chatting.


  • Hi Josh, can you try the following?


    drift.on('ready',function(api, payload) {




  • Hey Josh! Long time no chat!

    Kristen here with the Drift support crew:)

    So this is definitely a great question, and I can understand that having the bot playbook there for the site visitor to engage with on their terms is appealing. Unfortunately this isn't currently possible even with custom API work, but I am absolutely passing this on to our product team as a feature request!

    It sounds like you were definitely onto something though with your building a new button and replacing it, perhaps we can work together to see if it would be possible to make sure site visitors can continue chatting on a different page with that?