Let's talk about social media algorithms

3 B2B companies walk into a bar.

The bar is called “LinkedIn Shanty.”

The regulars at LinkedIn Shanty range from VPs of #Marketing to Chief #Revenue Officers to #Copywriters and more.

They all come for one thing - to be social.

So the three B2B companies walk in and grab a table in the corner of the shanty and order a round of beers to start.

As they sip their ice cold beers, they realize that no one notices them. They aren’t having any conversations with anyone new.

They have low engagement. 😢

So they all down their beers and head to another pub down the street.

As they leave, the marketers and sales people in the LinkedIn Shanty have much more valuable and lively conversations.

People want to talk to PEOPLE. Not companies.

People don’t want to talk to brands, unless they’re ready to buy.

Meet your customer where they are and treat them like you’d want to be treated.

Don’t know where to start in terms of #employeeadvocacy?

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