🚢🚢⚡️All Aboard! New Drift Releases: September 22nd

This post is part of a series that highlights product updates, or "ships," that we are sending your way.

At Drift, one of our mottos is "always be shipping." Which means we are invested in improving our products for you.

Join your captains Kristen and Katie for this week's update adventure!

Drift Chat 🤖

  • New filter view in Drift Prospector
    • What: Drift Prospector has new filters for contact role and pages, as well as a new interface for selecting them
    • Why: As we continue to level-up Prospector for our customers, we want to provide a customizable experience so they can understand who's coming to their site and connect with them as quickly as possible.
    • Where: Activity feed in new conversation experience (app.drift.com/conversations & desktop app)
    • Who: Customers with Drift Prospector
  • Unique names for Zoom meetings
    • What: Now, we personalize the Zoom meeting title with the end user's name so reps can tell the difference between Zoom meetings!
    • Why: Meetings booked with the Zoom integration were all named by the meeting type, which means that of their recordings had identical titles. So annoying!
    • Where: your Zoom account connected to Drift
    • Who: Anyone booking Zoom meetings via Drift
  • Updates to v2 widget design
    • What: The default shape of the V2 widget is now a SQUARE! And customers have the option to choose between a square and a circle.
    • Why: The new widget is significantly faster for our users, and much cheaper for us to have customers using. The main complaint we here from customers is that they didn't like the circle shape of the new widget or they needed to jump through hoops to get new designs approved for their web sites. Making the default shape a square makes it drastically easier to move customers over to the new widget and will save us money in the long run.
    • Where: Settings > App settings > Drift widget > Design and language (v2)
    • Who: Everyone on v2 widget

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