🚢🚢⚡️All Aboard! New Drift Releases: September 29th

This post is part of a series that highlights product updates, or "ships," that we are sending your way.

At Drift, one of our mottos is "always be shipping." Which means we are invested in improving our products for you.

Join your captains Kristen and Katie for this week's update adventure!

Drift Chat 🤖

  • Trending data for audiences
    • What: Trending data for audiences! Now you can look over weeks of data in one screen, and easily see how coverage is trending.
    • Why: Audiences data helps customers understand “coverage” of their website traffic and which segments they might being under-targeting. So far we've only been offering this data in individual 7 day snapshots. The data wasn't scannable, and it was difficult to track performance over time and connect their actions with any changes in coverage data.
    • Where: Visitors > Audiences (https://app.drift.com/audiences/)
    • Who: Customers with Audiences
  • SFDC Audiences v1
    • What: Initial version that allows customers to see audiences based on custom SFDC Account picklist data
    • Why: Audiences today shows you visitor breakdowns based on external data providers (ie: Clearbit, 6sense, Demandbase). However, customers ultimately want to analyze visitors based on the data attributes they’ve defined on their own, namely their Salesforce Account data. With this in place, they can create playbook strategies that better align w/ data their business actually cares about and trusts.
    • Where: Visitors > Audiences (https://app.drift.com/audiences/)
    • Who: Customers with Audiences
  • SFDC custom attributes in Android
    • What: SFDC custom attributes now available in Android; Now the Android app is showing the Salesforce attributes based on each Org settings and preferences.
    • Why: Based on feedback from our customers, some reps were not able to complete their workflow in the Android App due to missing Salesforce attributes that are present in the desktop version
    • Where: Android app
    • Who: Customers with SFDC and the Android app
  • Save ABM notifications on iOS
    • What: Find all your previous target account notifications in the notification center and easily click to start a conversation right from there
    • Why: Picture this: your target account, the one you've been trying to reach for weeks, comes to the site. Drift sends you a mobile notification to let you know! You go to click to start a conversation with them, but you accidentally swipe the notification away = out of luck! Now that they’re in a central place you can still connect with target accounts.
    • Where: Notifications tab in iOS app
    • Who: Customers with ABM and the iOS app
  • SFDC automatic user mapping
    • What: Automatic mappings use exact email address matching to automatically map Drift teammates to SFDC users without additional work required. We support overrides in case exact email matching does not cover all cases and this update is backwards compatible with the previous version of SFDC user mapping. Reps can get ABM notifications without having to explicitly map each one between SFDC and Drift, ABM alerts work better out of the box, AND new company employees are already automatically mapped.
    • Why: We went out to solve for the two biggest problems with the Account Sync setup process related to owners: 1) Most users didn't realize they had to setup account owner mappings as part of setting up an SFDC account sync, and that caused a bunch of errors and delayed the time to value. 2) Accounts owned by a user who was not explicitly mapped into Drift wouldn't get synced - which means we made it unnecessarily difficult and error-prone for users to sync in their SFDC account data.
    • Where: SFDC sync settings
    • Who: Customers with SFDC
  • Toggle convo history in new widget
    • What: The option disables the conversation history from being present, and the widget only presents the most recent conversation.
    • Why: Customers have taken Drift Chat to the next level, some have set up a workflow where they want their site visitors to focus on the current conversation.
    • Where: Settings > App settings > Drift Widget > Advanced
    • Who: Customers with v2 widget
  • Sidebar sections in convo view
    • What: Create sections based on existing inboxes to follow your team's conversations to coach them and to make sure convos aren't missed - just note that they’re individual so only you will see the sections you make
    • Why: Remember when you were frustrated that convo view didn't let you see the convos you care about? WELL! Fret no more because now you can create sidebar sections!
    • Where: New conversation experience (app.drift.com/conversations or desktop app)
    • Who: All admin
  • Org wide meetings
    • What: NOW instead of having to manually create meetings for each user, we've given org admins the ability to create custom org-wise meetings, which can be used by everyone across their org!
    • Why: Customers were spending hours setting up standardized calendaring systems across their large teams and they needed our help
    • Where: Settings > My settings > Meetings (Admins > app.drift.com/meetings/organization, Users > app.drift.com/meetings/mine)
    • Who: Customers on the Enterprise Plan

Drift Email 📩

  • Drift Email Round Robin Lead Assignment
    • What: You can now just set your bot campaign to route replies using the global routing rules!
    • Why: As Drift Email continues to gain new customers with larger and larger sales organizations, we need to add flexibility to our Email routing for our Bot campaigns. Sometimes marketers don't want to target specific sales people, and instead opt for an easier round robin style approach.
    • Where: Drift Email campaign bot builder
    • Who: All Drift Email Bots customers

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