🚢🚢⚡️All Aboard! New Drift Releases: October 13th

This post is part of a series that highlights product updates, or "ships," that we are sending your way.

At Drift, one of our mottos is "always be shipping." Which means we are invested in improving our products for you.

Join your captains Kristen and Katie for this week's update adventure!

Drift Chat 🤖

  • Fallback Routing for Accounts with Invalid Owners
    • What: Accounts with invalid owners are treated the same as un-owned accounts, so routing can continue normally.
    • Why: For many customers, account ownership is fluid and owners are added/changed/deleted often. When users hit the page and we attempted to route, it'd sometimes hit an invalid owner and routing would just give up and quit.
    • Where: Lead Routing Rules (https://app.drift.com/settings2/rules)
    • Who: Customers with ABM
  • Frictionless pagination in manage teammates
    • What: Users can update their availability without a worry in the world! The admins will stay on the same page, editing users to their heart's content without being forced back to page 1 of the table whenever something changes.
    • Why: Whenever a user would update their chat availability, an admin on the manage teammates table would be sent back to page 1 of the table. Also, if an admin performed basically any action on the teammates table themselves, they'd also sent back to page 1. Imagine trying to edit a user on page 5 of the teammates table but being constantly sent back to page 1 because your users continue to update their availability!
    • Where: Manage teammates (http://app.drift.com/settings2/team)
    • Who: All admin
  • New Reports Info Drawer
    • What: Now customers and our internal team have access to our methodology for Drift Influenced Revenue exactly where they need it.
    • Why: Drift Influenced revenue is the most important metric for many customers! Customers differ on when to count an opportunity as drift influenced, and so our in-app revenue reports usually differ. Customers had to go to our help docs to figure out why our numbers were different from theirs! More transparency in how we arrive at our number builds trust with our customers and helps them understand what we are showing them.
    • Where: Reports > Sales (https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/pipeline, https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/closed-won, https://app.drift.com/reports/sales/sales-cycle)
    • Who: Premium & Enterprise customers with SFDC
  • Admin Password Resets
    • What: Admins can now reset their team's passwords through the manage teammates drawer. Admins can create a new password for their teammate and then send them an email or copy the new password directly - all without having to leave the app!
    • Why: Admins having more control to manage their team reduces friction and helps Drift stick as an essential part of their workflow. Allow admins to make sure their users can access Drift is one way we can bring our customers a little delight.
    • Where: Manage teammates (http://app.drift.com/settings2/team)
    • Who: All admin
  • GDPR Deletes for Convo Analysis
    • What: When a GDPR delete is started it automatically goes to Convo Analysis and deletes all the relevant convos without needing to do any additional manual work!
    • Why: GDPR compliance is important for our customer and for the law. Making it as automatic and seamless as possible makes it so we follow best practices and keep our customers trust with their data.
    • Where: GDPR delete email page (https://app.drift.com/settings2/consent)
    • Who: All customers

Drift Email 📩

  • Easy Abandoned Chat Followup Emails
    • What: Customers can create abandoned chat campaigns that will auto-magically send followup emails! They can individually select which chat playbooks they want to include in each campaign.
    • Why: Customers had to manually follow up with chats that had gone cold and this usually required wrestling with Marketo/Hubspot, etc!
    • Where: Drift Email Campaign Builder
    • Who: Drift Email customers who also have Drift Chat
  • Personalize Drift Email Campaigns with Drift Intel Company Data
    • What: Customers can leverage the powers of Drift Intel by selecting from a set of company fields and inserting the tokens right into the editor.
    • Why: Customers had no visible way to pull in company data for a recipient from the campaign editor, as a workaround they would manually type in personalization tokens with company fields from Drift Chat which was error prone and didn't pull data from the best source.
    • Where: Email campaign builder
    • Who: Drift Email customers with Drift Intel
  • Audience Lists and Warnings!
    • What: Customers can add multiple lists to an email campaign. They no longer need to go through any hoops make these updates! Even better, they now have clear warnings through a modal of changes they're making and how they'll affect their campaign.
    • Why: There was no way to add an additional audience list to an existing campaign. Customers had to either create an entirely new email campaign to then add this new list to as an audience OR deal with updating the list in their MAP to add these new contacts to it. Even worse, customers often replaced an existing list with a new one not realizing that this would actually unenroll contacts that were in the original list from the campaign which we gave no warning to.
    • Where: Drift Email campaign builder
    • Who: Drift Email customers

Drift Video 🎥

  • Salesloft Recording Flow
    • What: Record & insert videos directly from Salesloft. Get all the benefits of Drift Video without leaving your existing cadence workflows!
    • Why: Making Drift Video a 'stickier' product often means embedding it into existing workflows - and with a bit of research, we discovered that hundreds of videos were being shared specifically in Salesloft cadences (tasks). Injecting a recording button in Salesloft not only reduces friction for those already using this workflow, but also encourages many new users to try incorporating videos into their outreach.
    • Where: app.salesloft.com's email composers
    • Who: Drift Video users on Chrome extension 4.3.3