Custom Default Greeting Not Showing on Mobile

Tom Coffey
edited December 2020 in Drift Products

I just signed up for Drift today and set a Default Greeting (same greeting for both Online and Offline).

If I load my site on desktop I see MY Default Greeting.

If I load my site on mobile I see the DRIFT Default Greeting (i.e. the greeting before I customized it).

I don't think this is a browser caching issue because (1) I only tested mobile after I customized the greeting and confirmed it was working on desktop and (2) I cleared my mobile device's browser history.

See screenshots below for clarification.

Can anyone tell me why I'm seeing a different greeting on desktop / mobile and how to get mobile to display as intended?

Thanks in advance!


    edited December 2020

    Hey Tom!!

    Kristen with the Drift support team getting back to you here. First of all WELCOME TO THE DRIFT FAMILY!!!

    So it turns out that this is actually expected behavior because we always prioritize showing the online welcome message (a proactive playbook that pops up whenever a user gets to your site) before a default greeting (a reactive message that appears only when a user clicks on the widget and no other playbooks are firing).

    I know this is expected because your online welcome message is actually configured currently to say "how can we help? we're here for you!" See this screenshot:

    When I went to your website for the first time I saw it appear proactively:

    However, if I toggle the online welcome message OFF, clear my cookies and go back to, I see nothing pop up proactively and just the widget. When I click that widget I see the default greeting that you've edited to say "let me know.." :

    However, when testing this by chatting in and generating conversations I did notice a discrepancy in how conversation view was representing the online welcome message versus the default greeting and so I'm actually going to go ahead and create a ticket with our triage team to get that fixed for you!

    Thank you so much for reaching out, we'll get this all straightened out ASAP. And welcome again to Drift:)