Messaging Not Updating

Why your message is not updating is dependent on what plan you have.

For those on your Free Plan, you will want to make sure you are making changes to the right message. On the Free Plan you have two message types at your disposal; one is reactive, while the other is proactive.

Your proactive message is the Welcome Message Playbook. This is the message that will pop out of the Drift Widget as soon as the page finishes loading.

The reactive message is the Default Greeting. This is the message that will only show if no other proactive message automatically shows, and when the widget is clicked.

If you are editing your message in your settings ( then you are editing your Default Greeting. Editing that message will not update your Welcome Message Playbook. To update the Welcome Message Playbook, you will need to go to!

We have a help doc complete with more information on the two, here!

For those on Paid Plans, chat in and our Customer Advocates can take a look for you. 😁