🚢🚢⚡️All Aboard! New Drift Releases: January 13th

This post is part of a series that highlights product updates, or "ships," that we are sending your way.

At Drift, one of our mottos is "always be shipping." Which means we are invested in improving our products for you.

Join your captains for this week's update adventure!

Drift Chat 🤖

  • Update to details sidebar
    • What: Details sidebar is open by default & contains a link to full contact details (full contact profile)
    • Why: Improving the live chat experience
    • Where: New live chat (app.drift.com/conversations, desktop app)
    • Who: All Drift customers
  • Notifications by section
    • What: You can use the powerful new conversation sections to get notifications for chats to a specific team, chats that have gone too long without a rep responding, and more!
    • Why: Previously, our conversation notifications presented you with effectively two options: 1. subscribe to everything, and accept constant interruption to ensure you don't miss chats or 2. subscribe to a small subset/none, and accept that some site visitors just wont get a timely response. Many orgs, especially orgs with lots of teams, unsurprisingly failed to come up with a reasonable notification strategy given the above options.
    • Where: New live chat (app.drift.com/conversations, desktop app)
    • Who: Admin & chat users with access to all conversations

Drift Email 📩

  • Ability to Insert Dynamic Content into Drift Email campaigns
    • What: You can select from a list of default, custom and Drift Intel attributes you can use to create different content variations. We'll automatically generate the Jinja code for you and insert it into the email -- now all you have to do is provide the different content.
    • Why: By now we've proven that personalizing emails increases the chances of getting a reply. Before if customers wanted to personalize the copy of their emails based on different recipient attributes (ie. company size, region, etc.) they'd either 1) create separate audience lists and separate campaigns for each iteration 2) use the Jinja templating language supported on the backend (highly error prone and not documented anywhere within Drift Email)
    • Where: Campaign builder
    • Who: Email bots customers
  • Support for dynamic segments as audiences in email campaigns
    • What: Now you can create the dynamic segments yourself, with whatever attribute filtering you need in the Drift CRM, and use that as the audience for your email campaigns. Plus with this ship our customers can now take full advantage of dynamic segments in their campaigns filtering for whatever they would like!
    • Why: A little while ago we launched playbook follow-up email campaigns to automatically enroll site visitors who interact with a bot playbook into an email campaign to make sure we don't lose touch with those important contacts. Customers saw success with this, but wanted to have more control over who got automatically enrolled in these follow-up campaigns! This makes it super easy for them to build more personalized campaigns for these follow-ups.
    • Where: Campaign audience lists
    • Who: Email bots customers