Slash (/) Command Cheat Sheet for Composer Bar in Live Chat

We love to provide our customers with access to the resources they need to succeed at their fingertips. One of the coolest but underused features is the / (slash) commands in the composer bar. But no fear because today we will learn how to unleash them and what each one does.

In order to enable this, what you do is type it in the composer bar and hit enter, or if you are a more visual learner like me, this is how it looks:

Note: These are available in the new live only.

/invite - bring a teammate into the conversation

Use case: Is the customer asking for sales and or pricing information instead of your area of expertise? Quickly use this command, and it will route your teammate here to offer the site visitor the best experience possible.

/note - leave important information that only your teammates and you can see

Use case: Figured out an important solution for a customer that took you some time to resolve. Then, leave a note as well as any other details that occurred during the conversation.

/sendtranscript - provide your site visitor, a fellow Drift user, or yourself a copy of the conversation through email. Note: Site visitor needs to provide them their email to make this possible

Use case: A customer wants to keep a record of the conversation because you offered helpful solutions to their questions or need the conversation for future reference.

/block - it will prevent the user from sending further messages

Use case: Is a site visitor sending you spam messages such as gif upon gif (don't get me wrong here as gifs are awesome when used well). Note: Drift will still appear on their end, but the message will not come through and will stay in a state of sending

/savedreply - pre-loaded answers to common questions you receive

Use case: Does a customer typically ask about a certain aspect of your product or pricing? Use this nifty feature to be a powerhouse of speed and quality.

/tag - helpful way to categorize site-visitors based on activities or actions they have taken

Use case: Do you categorize clients by segments based on their employee size? Then this helps make it possible and quickly. Note:  Settings > App Settings > Conversations > Tags! When looking at your under “How are conversations being tagged?”, you can analyze conversation tags here to understand trends in your Drift chats better. 

/sync - transfer conversation data immediately into your CRM

Use case: Want to make sure the information in a conversation is transformed to your CRM (Salesforce, Eloqua, Pardot) for recordkeeping, then use this. Note: There is another type of sync called Auto Sync, which is your "Set it and forget it" type of syncing, and we suggest your admin configure this as your first form of syncing when using the new conversation experience. To enable Auto Syncing for your conversations, you'll want to go to settings > conversations > advanced  and select "Use session timeout to sync data to your integrations."