What do I do when my Notifications aren't working?

If you are having trouble receiving notifications, try the following steps! 

Drift on your web browser:

  • If you are using Drift web (works best on Google Chrome), check your notifications on your Notifications Page to ensure that the icon is not on ‘Snooze All’ and keep a eye out for warning signs like this one:
  • Click the ‘Send test’ in order to check if it is an issue with the way Drift is configured or if it is an issue with the notifications on our side. You can also check if you are sending notifications to email and which email address notifications are being sent to. (note: emails are sent every 15 minutes).
  • Check your web browser settings to make sure you are receiving notifications/sound from Drift (for Google Chrome users, you can check this here: chrome://settings/content/notifications)

Drift Desktop App:

  • Check your System preferences to ‘allow’ Drift to send notifications
  • Click on the Drift Logo in the top left of the desktop app, select ‘Notification settings’
  • Make sure you have toggled on ‘Desktop Notifications’
  • Make sure your device is not on mute/do not disturb and you have given permission for Drift to send notifications
  • Don’t forget to ‘test’ your desktop notifications: https://share.getcloudapp.com/YEuXgZ5m 

Drift Mobile App:

  • Check to make sure your mobile device is not on ‘do not disturb’ or ‘mute all notifications’
  • Make sure you are logged in properly to your Mobile App 
  • Go to the ‘Me’ tab on your Mobile App, click on ‘Notifications’
  • Check to see if your notifications are on ‘Snooze notifications’, if you have toggled ‘Notification sound’ on and check which conversations you are receiving notifications on.
  • You can also ‘Troubleshoot Notifications’ at the bottom of the screen on this page and this will run diagnostics for you and send you a test notification!
  • If this doesn’t work, check to see your Mobile device software is up to date and Drift Mobile App is also up to date.