Mapping Drift Attributes to a Salesforce Picklist

Please note the Salesforce integration is only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans.

Looking to map a custom Drift attribute to Salesforce but are unsure how? Look no further! Follow the steps below to quickly get custom attributes mapped to a picklist field.

The first thing you will want to do when mapping to a picklist is create your Drift custom attribute. To do this you will want to click the visitors icon > contact settings > create new attribute. If you are mapping the picklist at a Lead or Contact level you will want to use a text type field.

If you are mapping to a picklist at the Accounts level you will want to create a category type field.

Once your attribute has been made you will want to map it using the salesforce attribute mapper just like you would any attribute! 

If you are mapping at the lead or contact level you will want to set the attribute on either the lead or contact column depending on which you are using.

If you are mapping at the account level make sure you are setting this mapping on the account properties tab. 

Once you have your attributes mapped you will need to set the values that are getting applied within your playbooks. You will set these values like you would any other attribute in a playbook. However, you need to make sure that the values you are setting in the playbook match exactly with what the value is in salesforce. For instance, if the value set on the picklist is "Boston" and you set "boston" as the attribute value in Drift, you will get a salesforce error because the value does not match exactly!