Customer experience - what are your thoughts on it, and what strategies do you have going into 2020?

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  • Which companies do you look up to for this?
  • Any people we should be interviewing?


  • @[email protected] I like how you frame it as buyer enablement. How easy and helpful do you make it for someone to buy your offering? How much friction exists in the buying experience?

  • HubSpot is the one which comes to mind when you talk about Customer Experience. Another one is Pipedrive. We are a customer success platform for B2B SaaS, so customer experience is a big part of our 2020 strategy. We have been expanding our success team to enable the same. I myself am a big advocate of customer advocacy and I believe customer marketing is going to be the future of the subscription economy.

    You should definitely interview Puneet Kataria, CEO of CustomerSuccessBox, who was also the LinkedIn Top Voice 2019 for his views on Customer Success and Customer Experience.

    Also interview Gustavo Bianco from Pipedrive about their relentless focus on customer experience.

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    The customer experience is what so many companies focus on. I find one that is just as important is the prospect experience...hence why I love Drift...for both!

    One thing that often gets missed when folks build out Drift is creating different bots for different segments. When this doesn't happen it creates an awkward customer experience and prospects

    For example:

    You can target different bots based on whether someone is a customer or not... yet often the Drift instances that are not segmented will try to push a current customer into booking a demo

    It's also an awkward prospect experience when you go to a site and one of the options in the bot is... I am a customer

    Segmenting is very powerful.

    My main strategy in 2020 is to create more contextual experiences using Drift, Drift video, and conversational content. My goal is to really create a cohesive and highly contextual experience for every prospect and customer. This includes being contextual based on the site they came from, the ad, or platform.

    I would suggest interviewing the best customer experience person that I have ever seen. His name is Buddy Bombard...he created the most luxurious experiences in the world. Customer service and customer experience is all he focused on...he happened to have the wealthiest of the wealthiest tour with him. It was most possibly the best luxury tour operation ever created. Did this in the 80's and 90's. His thoughts hold so much truth.

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