How can I edit, create and remove Data Privacy consent forms (GDPR)?

In order to edit, remove or create a GDPR consent form, you can make changes here: Settings > Organization settings > Data Privacy.

Editing a Data Privacy consent form:

Under Consent forms, you can click on the current consent forms that exist on your Drift Instance:

Once you click on one of the forms, you will be prompted to a new window, with the ability to add free text to customise your form. Please note that this form will be shown to site visitors before they communicate with you through Drift. 

In this view, you can add changes to your consent message, change the message to add any additional information on how your business will use the site visitors personal information.

You can also add links to your company’s Privacy Policy which will be linked below your consent message:

There is also an option to customise your Opt-In or Opt-Out buttons for site visitors to click and customise your Opt-Out confirmation that is shown to customers if they choose to Opt-Out. Both of these features are free text, so you will have the option to change the language of these buttons that best suit your requirements.

Creating a Consent form:

Under the same settings (Settings > Organization settings > Data Privacy), you can also create a new consent form.

  • You can choose which Visitors will see your Consent forms by clicking on the dropdown menu under ‘Privacy Settings’ (Drift will determine site visitor’s location based on their IP address).
  • Under the section named ‘Consent forms’, on the right hand side you will have a button ‘Create form’ in order to start creating a new Data Consent form.
  • You will then land on choosing the language, Consent Message and also the option to add Opt-in/Opt out buttons as well as a Opt-Out confirmation message in free text in your chosen language. (Please note that Drift will not translate messages to chosen languages, you will be required to add the text in your chosen language within the free text boxes)

Deleting a Consent form/making a Consent form your default form:

  • In order to delete a form, simply hover over the form under Consent Forms, and on the right hand side you should see a ‘trash’ icon. If you click on the trash icon, you can delete the form. 
  • In order to make a new/existing form your default consent form, simply hover over the form you would like to make default, and on the right hand side, you should see a star. If you click on this star, this will make the consent form your default form.