Join us for Certification Hour

Colleen Koslosky
edited February 2021 in Marketing

On February 11th, we’re hosting Certification Hour. This event is for you – whether you’re working on your first, second, third, or FOURTH certification. That’s right, fourth 👀

If you haven’t heard, we launched a brand new certification last week: The Virtual Events Certification.

From 1:00 - 3:00 PM EST, join your sales and marketing peers to complete: 

Here’s why you should join us for Certification Hour 👇

1. There are PRIZES.

The first 10 people to get a certification during this event will receive a free Drift T-shirt. 

2. The Drift team will be available LIVE.

We will have a few of our Virtual Events Certification instructors (@[email protected]@Matilda Miglio, @Pat Timmons, @Janna Erickson, @[email protected], @[email protected]) on a live Zoom for the first hour to cheer you on and answer any questions you have as you're getting certified.

3. You’re going to learn A LOT.

No matter what certification you choose to take, you’ll walk away with actionable learnings to create better buying experiences.

🗓 Block your calendar to join us here.

What certification are you looking forward to taking? Share below 👇