Simultaneous Chatbot Triggers

Hey there all!

Kind of scared to test this out on my site, but I've been wondering what happens when two playbooks/chatbots are triggered at the same time.

Anyone have experience with this?


  • Hey Diego!

    Is there a particular reason you would like to have 2 playbooks firing at the same time? We usually recommend having one, as it can cause confusion for site visitors! However, I would love to hear more on how this works for you😊.

    You can test this on your site, by clicking on the playbook in question here: and once you click on your playbook, on the far right hand side there is a button called 'Test Bot' (as shown below) and you will be prompted with a option to copy test link/test on a new page where you can input a URL. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Ruhena- Drift Support⚡️