Changing my Widget Language

As an Admin user, you can change the language of some hard-coded features within Drift, under Settings > App Settings > Drift Widget (

Currently, we support the following languages which are listed below: 

What will translate?

  • Status of messages being delivered and received
  • Bot calendar drop to book meetings
  • 'Reply to' text
  • 'Chat ⚡️ by Drift' at the bottom of your widget screen

Please note this will not translate messaging/ words that are set within any free text boxes, for example: 

If you are looking to alter your messaging language, you can simply change the language within these free text boxes to engage with your site visitors! 

If you find that once you change your widget online/offline greeting, and this is not reflected on your site, it may be because you are actually firing Welcome message playbooks on your site! 

You can change your Welcome Message Playbooks that are listed here:! You can click on your welcome message playbook and enter free text here in your chosen language in order to have this reflected on your site! 

Here is an example:

If you would like to know more on the difference between your Widget default greeting vs Welcome Messaging, check out this help doc: