Top 3 new features in the Convo View?

The new convo view is extraordinary in that it serves to streamline and empower you. There are a ton of new things that are available to you!

1) The dynamic slash commands

The world is at our fingertips with the new composer bar, and now you no longer have to be furiously moving your mouse to invite a teammate or sync your convos to integrations (Salesforce). Here is the community post on all features:

2) Control what you see and hear

No longer do you have to have notification fatigue as you can get real granular with the notifications you. But we have also taken it one level higher as you can control all of this in the

Hover over the bell to see if you have them turned on or off then click into the ... to adjust it as you wish.

3) The power of filtering and sections

Let's say you want to get savvier into how you organize conversation because you are a one-person machine. Now you can do this and it won't impact how others view Drift. Click the plus (+) next to conversations and see the following screen. Name it then determine if you want to do it by inbox, team, or tag.

Using these three new features will make a power user in no time.