How to know which playbook will fire will based on your hours settings?

You have your playbooks ready to go, but your curious as to what determines what message will appear with the targeting conditions: Drift is online and Drift is offline.

The setting that determines the appearance of messages is found hereand you have two options and those are manual and automatic.

  • Manual means that you will have to shut it on or off
  • Automatic means that you set the hours (set it and forget it style) with the perk of having it go offline if you go offline.

But let's really illustrate the point with an example:

Before we dive in it is important to note that the message that it shows depends on the widget hours, not on your availability.

Ex: Widget hours 9-5

at 12:00 pm it’s going to show an online message

at 5:30 pm it’s going to show offline message (even if you are online)

However, if he has the setting in automatic hours set drift away when all teammates are away and he’s offline at 12 pm, drift will also be offline.

Now we are ready to make Drift more powerful than ever.

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