How to send chat transcripts to site visitors

edited April 2021 in Conversations

We all get customers who want to keep proof of every conversation they've had with customer support reps sometimes, and here's what you do when you get that customer:

  1. The Send Chat Transcript will send a transcript of your conversation to the email of the user you are chatting with.
  2. The Send Chat Transcript will only appear if the email of the user is known (an email cannot be sent if the user is anonymous)
  3. To Send Chat Transcripts in Live chat view, you will use the slash command /sendtranscript.
  4. The /sendtranscript will be typed in the composer bar and it will pop up the visitors in the chat conversation email address, or you can type in another user on the account.
  5. Chat transcripts can only be sent from the conversation view to the email of the user chatting, or the email of someone who has a seat on the account. This change was implemented recently for security reasons.