Torn between which playbook would deliver best results?

edited April 9 in Playbooks

Have you ever had two different playbooks and you're just not sure which one would deliver the best results? Test them with some targeting configurations!

Please note: Targeting is only available on our paid plans.

What you'll want to do is first target both playbooks exactly the same way. For example, we can target Playbook A as 'URL is' and Playbook B also as 'URL is'.

Then, scroll down a little to 'What percentage of targeted visitors should see this playbook?'. For the playbook highest in priority, let's say Playbook A, have the percentage at 50%. Then, set Playbook B as 100% and not 50%!

Setting Playbook B at 50% would result in Playbook B firing to half of the 50% that did not see Playbook A. This would actually result in Playbook A firing to 50% of site visitors and Playbook B firing to 25% of site visitors as an end result!

Setting Playbook B at 100% ensures that you're capturing the other 50% that did not see Playbook A!

Have your playbooks targeted this way for a couple weeks and see how it goes!

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