Torn between which playbook would deliver best results?

Jason Cotas
edited April 2021 in Playbooks

Have you ever had two different playbooks and you're just not sure which one would deliver the best results? Test them with some targeting configurations!

Please note: Targeting is only available on our paid plans.

What you'll want to do is first target both playbooks exactly the same way. For example, we can target Playbook A as 'URL is' and Playbook B also as 'URL is'.

Then, scroll down a little to 'What percentage of targeted visitors should see this playbook?'. For the playbook highest in priority, let's say Playbook A, have the percentage at 50%. Then, set Playbook B as 100% and not 50%!

Setting Playbook B at 50% would result in Playbook B firing to half of the 50% that did not see Playbook A. This would actually result in Playbook A firing to 50% of site visitors and Playbook B firing to 25% of site visitors as an end result!

Setting Playbook B at 100% ensures that you're capturing the other 50% that did not see Playbook A!

Have your playbooks targeted this way for a couple weeks and see how it goes!