How to set up your playbook so that it follows your site visitors as they navigate

Brenna Morgan
edited April 2021 in Playbooks

Depending on your playbook targeting setup, your playbooks might start over when a site visitor navigates to a new webpage, or your site visitors may see an entirely new playbook if they navigate away to a different site page.

If you'd like your playbooks to follow your site visitors as they navigate through different pages on your site, this is possible! It will just requires some changes to your playbook targeting settings.

Make sure that the targeting for your playbook is set to "once per session"

Ensure that any pages that you would like the playbook to continue on are added to your targeting conditions

The only times a playbook wont follow a site visitor is if:

A) the playbook frequency is set to fire "on every page load"


B) the page they navigate to is explicitly targeted on that playbook as “do not display on this page”

Feel free to read more about playbook targeting here ⚡️