How can I view how many meetings I have booked and conversations I have had?

In order to view how many meetings you have booked over a period of time, follow these steps below:

 Under this view here, you will be able to view All Meetings booked by  teammates (including via Playbook, emails and also calendar drops). 

 You can edit the date range on the far right hand side of your view: 


As well as set Filters (as shown below date range) to filter based on Teams set within your Drift instance ( available on Premium and above plans), and also filter based on specific teams with a handy dropdown menu or click on 'Teammates' 'IS' 'Teammate 1' and click back on the drop down to choose multiple teammates!

To view how many conversations you have had over a period of time, you can go to Reports > Conversations > Chats (

 In this view, you can also change the date range on the far right hand side of the page. In order to filter by yourself or multiple people, you can follow similar sets in choosing to filter based on ‘Teammates’ ‘is’ ‘Teammate name/s’ 


Within this particular reporting view, you have the option to filter on a multitude of different factors:

  • Team (Teams set here: ( available on Premium and above plans)
  • Teammate (Individual teammates within your Drift instance or choose multiple)
  • Lead Stage (Lead stage set for Site visitor)
  • Drift Widget status (Drift is offline/online)
  • Participant Type (Teammate, Bot or both)
  • Inbox (Which inbox this conversation came from)


You also have the option to add multiple filters within this view, by click ‘Add Filters’ at the bottom of the Filter Window which will create a ‘AND’ statement for you to filter based on multiple factors. 


If you have any questions in regards to filtering Meetings/Conversations feel free to comment below👇 and we will be in touch!