How to Export Your Contacts

When using Drift we see TONS of new contacts coming through, and a lot of the time - we want to ensure we keep the list of new contacts updated. Here's how you can export your contacts.

  1. Navigate to your Drift sidebar>select Visitors>then select Contact Segments, all of this will be on your left hand menu.
  2. Then you'll select New Segment in order to create new contact segment.
  3. Once that's done, select Filter drop down>and choose Attribute>then search for Email
  4. Search for Email>select is KNOWN> as the option and then Apply Filter, then select Create Segment
  5. Once created, go to Contact Segment on the left hand menu and select the segment you just created.
  6. Lastly, you'll select Manage Members in top right and select Export.
  7. CELEBRATE! Because you did it, great job - take a look at this doc for images if needed
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