How to Use the Routing Audit Log

The routing audit log is a really useful tool when it comes to understanding what is happening in your conversations.

With the routing audit log, you can find the following information:

  1. who was routed into a conversation (or if no one was routed)
  2. What Playbook the party was added from
  3. what event triggered routing (Goal, route skill, end of conversation, etc)

To view the routing audit log, you can open any conversation, and find and click "view audit log" (you'll find this at the point in the conversation where routing occurred)

Once you've clicked "view audit log" you should see the conversation log open up. Here you'll see details about who was routed into a conversation and why, or why routing didn't occur. You'll also have the option to review team availability so that you can see the status of each teammate at the time of routing.

If you select "targeting" under the routing tab, you'll see details about which playbooks matched and did not match the conditions of the site visitor. This helps determine why a certain playbook may or may not have fired for a site visitor.

*Please note, this post is referring to the new conversation view! If you are using our old conversation view, this help doc goes into more detail about routing in the old conversation view ⚡️.

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