How to make a goal at the end of the playbook

There are several goals you can add to a bottom of a playbook once your site visitors have completed the flow!

This is where you find the goal, it auto-sets to conversation status which will give you three options you can 1. auto-close when the site visitor hits this point of the flow the chat will auto-close but the site visitor can chat back in, and if they do we will use your lead routing rules for routing. 2. you can keep the conversation open and then set a timeout goal in your settings (recommended) or 3. permanently close conversation which will not allow site visitors to chat back in.

However, you can replace the conversation status with a goal! To do this, hover over the gear icon and select replace with a goal and you will be given two options: create a new goal or use an existing goal. Selecting create a new goal brings you to this screen. You'll want to name your goal and you can set a lead stage as well. For your actions: you can route the conversation, send a bot message, send a calendar, mark it as a CQL, or auto-close the conversation.

  1. Route the conversation - You can route the conversation to one of your teammates! Here are your options for routing. You can also find more about routing in a goal in this doc.
  2. Send a bot message - Here's an example of a bot message at the end of the playbook! This will be very similar to the message node in the playbook, you can add personalization tokens as well!
  3. Send a calendar - If your reps have their calendars connected you can have a calendar drop so the site visitor can book a meeting. Note* The calendar will drop for a user who was routed into the conversation so if you use this action in your goal make sure someone is routed into the chat at some point before the goal.
  4. Mark as a CQL - If the site visitor followed a path that would make them a Chat Qualified Lead you can mark that at the end of the flow in the goal or under any node in the playbook! This is what it looks like.
  5. Auto-close the conversation - This is going to be the same as what we talked about earlier, we will close the conversation but if the site visitor chats back in it will route to one of your reps based on lead routing rules!