Customising my Drift Widget

As an Admin User, you can get super creative and customise your widget to meet your business needs, head over Settings > App Settings > Drift Widget > Design (

You can change the appearance of your widget including the following:

  • Primary colour: The colour of your bot chat header and your chat replies (shown in blue below)
  • Secondary colour: The text colour for your bot header and actual text colour for your chat replies (shown in red below)

  • Font: you can choose from a range of available fonts to blend well with your organisation site design
  • Widget shape: choose to change the shape of the widget that appears on your screen (Circle or Square)
  • Icon: choose from one of our 4 icons to display your widget on your site or alternatively upload a custom icon that suits your business needs (this must be a 100x100 file)

  • Positioning: you can choose where your bot sits on your site, whether you will prefer this to be aligned on the left or right side of your site!
  • Alignment: You may have a desktop and a mobile site and do not wish your Drift Widget to be positioned the same way for both, no fear! You can choose to customise the bottom spacing for both desktop and mobile separately, to work best with your site. Alternatively, you can choose to set default bottom spacing for both or even one of both😁.

You can preview this within your settings: 

Please note you will get a red warning message if your colour combination does not pass WCAG standards for colour/contrast accessibility (You can learn more here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below👇 and we will get back to you!😁