Where do I find mobile notifcations?

In whatever plan you are with Drift, our goal is to give you control of the notifications you receive. One of the most helpful ones is getting them on your mobile device as it always somewhere near you.

However, you may say how do I set this up as I cannot find these settings within my Drift when I am logged in to the browser.

The reason is that notifications are set separately within each platform.

The first step, if you have not already done it, is to download the Drift app on your phone.

Second login into the email of your current account.

Now that you are in hit the button on the bottom right that says me.

Next, you will see a screen with many options for you to adjust, but in this case, click notifications, and you should see a screen like below:

Select the options you desire, and now you are ready to accelerate with notifications wherever you go!