I edited my greeting but it's still showing the old one... what's going on?

Xan Liuzzo
edited April 2021 in Playbooks

This is most likely happening because we have a Welcome Message Playbook AND a Default Greeting!

The Online/Offline Welcome Message Playbook is proactive! The message that pops up and engages the visitors on your page without needing an interaction from the visitor. On the flip side, the Default Greeting is reactive. This is the message that visitors see only when they have engaged (or clicked on) with the chat icon.

The Welcome Message Playbook can be edited here, while the Default Greeting can be edited here. For more info on this, you can check out this Help Doc.

When you start an account with Drift, the Online and Offline Welcome Message Playbooks are both automatically on as default so it's likely that this is what you're seeing instead of your Default Greeting which is the message you are editing.


  • Leaders.Church
    edited November 2021

    @Xan Liuzzo

    I have a playbook that is working correctly. However, after I respond to a customer visiting my site, they also receive an automated greeting... But it's not the Default Greeting. I can't seem to find where it's coming from. Any thoughts on where else I should look?

    I want to keep the playbook functionality, but it doesn't make sense for the site visitor to receive a "greeting" from me after we already started chatting, so I'm trying to eliminate that second greeting.