How to Set up and Schedule a Meeting with your Drift Profile 

You can send a link to customers to book a meeting with you by using your Drift Profile. To access your Drift Profile, navigate to Settings > My Settings > Drift Profile. You can customize your Drift profile name as you please following the in your Drift Profile link. Your full link will be shown next to 'Share your unique link' for insertion in conversations, playbooks, welcome messages, etc. 

Be sure to toggle on your Drift Profile in the top right corner to allow others to view your profile and book meetings with you. Navigate down to Contact > Calendar CTA to toggle on this setting to allow customers to book a meeting directly from your profile. Feel free to click your unique Drift Profile link to test that your profile is on and working properly. 

Once everything is set up, click on your link to get to your Drift Profile. There will be a 'Schedule a Meeting' button displayed on your page. When you click the button, you will prompted to select a day and time based on your availability (from your connected calendar) and then enter your email and phone number (if required). Once all the information has been entered, the 'Book Meeting' button will populate blue to schedule the meeting. You have now successfully booked a meeting via Drift profile.