How to Delete Your Drift Account 

You can delete your Drift account by navigating over to Settings > Organization Settings > Data Privacy > Data Management. Before deleting your account, you will first want to ensure that your playbooks and/or Drift Widget is turned off, as well as remove the code from your specific website. 

Once you have turned off your playbooks and widget visibility, in Data Privacy > Data Management (Settings > Organization Settings > Data Privacy > Data Management), you can enter in the email associated with your account under 'Permanently delete contact data' and the 'delete contact data' button will populate allowing you to select and delete the data. 

Once you have selected 'delete contact data' a pop-up will appear with a warning that you are about to permanently delete all data associated with the email and that this action cannot be undone. Make sure this is the step you want to take before selecting 'Permanently Delete Data.' Once selected, your account will be deleted. Please note that it may take a few minutes to fully process.