A breakdown of the Welcome Message, Outbound Welcome Message, and ABM Playbooks

The Power of Drift comes from its ability to offer site visitors personalized experiences. In order to make this happen, you can use three different playbooks: welcome message, outbound, and ABM. Each playbook has a plethora of options for performance and targeting to offer the best experience possible. Similarities between the three playbooks include having the bot qualify the lead a specific CQL score if they go through the playbook and CTA’s such as start a conversation, no CTA, schedule a meeting, or link to URL. Now let’s dive into the use case for each and the differences.

Welcome Message

This playbook greets all site visitors if they are not a targeted account or did not come from a tracked email or outreach sequence. You can craft this playbook to have a specific message, a person that it is sent from, and a CTA (message). The next steps include choosing the lead stage tied to this goal and who the conversation is routed to (goals). Note: The welcome message is the only one of these three playbooks which can be routed to a different person than the sent from person. Lastly, you will choose the targeting (on the free plan, you can only see if it is set to Drift is online or Drift is offline)

and frequency (available for you to adjust on the free plan).

Outbound Welcome Message

An Outbound Welcome Message displays a welcome message for visitors who click through a tracked email using the Drift chrome extension. It can also occur from an outbound sequence. Since you know where the person is coming from, you can offer an enhanced and tailored experience. Similar to the welcome message, you can choose the message, goals, and targeting. The key difference is that you cannot change the sent from the person as the site visitor is prompted to come because of an outbound sequence or tracked email. Note: This playbook is only available for paid plans.

An ABM Welcome Message

An ABM welcome message greets your targeted accounts, which have you have set previously to offer a more personalized experience (VIP). Target accounts have a specific account owner tied to them, and for this reason, the message the visitor sees is from that same person. It is similar to the other two playbooks in that you choose the message, goals, targeting. However, the criteria that will trigger the goal is set to being “lead starts a conversation.” Note, this playbook is only available to premium and enterprise plans.