How to adjust the Welcome Message Playbook so it does not sounds every time on your website.

We want to be proactive with our site visitors, so they know that they have a handy guide at their disposal at the bottom left or right-hand corner. However, you may not want the bot to make a sound every time a site visitor navigates to a new page. In order to adjust, we need to dive into the frequency settings for playbooks.

If you are on a free plan, then you will take the following path, and that is clicking on playbooks (bot face) on the left sidebar. Then click into the playbook you want to adjust and click on frequency, as you can see below.

Now on the frequency page, if you have it set to load on every page, this is what is causing it to sound every time your site navigates to a new page or refreshes. Thus, you will want to change it to until they interact, once per session.

Using this option will give you the advantage of having it fire while providing the site visitor an experience in which they can choose when to engage.

Let us know what other use cases you may have in the comments! Here is to your success.