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  • Drift Updates March 10th

    • *Update to timezones selections
      • What: Orgs can now connect their Pardot integration using Salesforce SSO to continue lead syncing!
      • Why: Drift is expanding into international markets and we received feedback from our customers that their site visitors were confused as to whether their timezone selection matched the timezone of their current location when booking a meeting.
      • Where: Book a meeting flow in a chat
      • Who: All users on v2 widget
    • Profile settings redesign
      • What: Your Drift Profile settings page just got an upgrade!!
      • Why: Customers book about 25% of their meetings through their profile but the old profile settings page was out of date and lived in a super old codebase
      • Where: Drift Profile (settings > my settings > Drift profile)
      • Who: All users
    • *Added ability to extract conversation transcripts
      • What: You can get a beautifully formatted and readable transcript right where you want it with just a single endpoint using Drift API
      • Why: Customers want to use Drift's API to pass data into their BI tools Specifically, transcripts are cool because you can run sentiment analysis on them, you could use them to show context to managers or leads for training purposes, and you can even do some NLP / searching on what your customers / prospects want to talk to you about. Previously -- you couldn't get conversation transcripts out of Drift via the API. Nope -- just messages. And boy was it ugly. You had to parse through lots of junk just to get some messages people were sending back and forth to each other, objects weren't standardized in terms of their elements and what was in those elements, and of course it was paginated so -- go build some logic around page handling on top of all your message parsing!!
      • Where: Drift API
      • Who: All users using Drift API
    • New Pardot Integration OAuth
      • What: Orgs can now connect their Pardot integration using Salesforce SSO to continue lead syncing!
      • Why: Pardot was turning off support for user/password auth and forcing Salesforce SSO which would mean our Pardot integration would stop working for all orgs
      • Where: Pardot integration settings (Settings > Integrations > Pardot)
      • Who: Premium and above
    • *Update to the routing audit log
    • Who: All users
    • Where: New live chat (app.drift.com/conversations & desktop app)
    • Why: With organizations with larger amounts of users, sorting allows users to find what they are looking for, faster.
    • What: Added table sorting functionality to the Available Routing Audit Log Modal so you can now sort by name or status during routing

      Watch this space every week for more updates.

  • Drift Revenue Acceleration Platform

    • *Ship Subscription
      • What: Ability to subscribe to weekly product ships for customers. Just click the star next to the title of this Community post!
      • Why: We wanted to eliminate the friction from customers who wanted to know about our latest updates in the product. Previously they would have to check our posts in the Help Docs or in the Community each week themselves.
      • Where: This Drift Community post
      • Who: All customers!
    • *Search in bot flow
      • What: Search for text within a bot flow!
      • Why: Some of our customers have massive playbooks spanning 100+ nodes, and finding the node you're looking for has been a huge customer pain. Adding this feature will save time by highlighting nodes and buttons responses that contain the text you're looking for, as well as scrolling you between them at the touch of a button.
      • Where: Playbook flow builder
      • Who: Customers with access to bots

    Drift Email

    • *Fast Lane Follow-up Email Campaigns
      • What: A more seamless way for chat Fast Lane customers to leverage to follow-up with people that didn't convert with Fast Lane playbooks.
      • Why: The Fast Lane team has noticed there is a significant drop-off with people that have filled out a form but don't book a meeting, our customers would like to make sure the people that don't convert are still followed up with. Before customers needed to setup a verified domain for sending which could take weeks and often required help from their IT team, but now Drift just sends it. We've set up a sending domain reply.drifttmail.com that our customers can use to send their email campaigns. Those using reply management: all replies will be routed to the teammate who's calendar was dropped in the playbook and the email.
      • Where: Campaigns (https://email.drift.com/campaigns)
      • Who: EAP Fast Lane customers using Drift Email

  • Ships from 3/15 to 3/19

    • *Store multiple contact attributes from a single visitor response
      • What: Now, up to 3 attributes can be stored from a single response, enabling our customers to collect more data with fewer nodes for a better end user experience!
      • Why: Sometimes, our customers learn multiple pieces of valuable information about a customer based on how they answer a single question! Our customers want to collect data about their customers as efficiently as possible so they can further personalize their interactions in the future, but before, they were limited to storing only a single attribute from a response.
      • Where: Bot flow builder
      • Who: Customers with bots
    • *Show connection events in the Pardot integration event log
      • What: With this ship, a user can view Pardot’s event log and get a trace of every time this integration has been connected/disconnected from Drift.
      • Why: It is important for an integration’s event log to show all activities for a certain integration. Customers like to see every event and due to the Pardot SSO update, they no longer can find out when they connected.
      • Where: Pardot event log
      • Who: Enterprise customers with Pardot
    • *Update to teammate filtering
      • What: Teammate filtering now supports the new plan roles (admin, marketer, sales rep) 
      • Why: With the migration to new roles, and without this change, customers would not be able to see the correct roles corresponding to users listed in the Teammates tab
      • Where: Manage Teammates page
      • Who: Admin on 2021 plans

  • edited March 30

    Episode 55: Ships from 3/22 to 3/26

    *New People report for fast lane playbooks

    • What: This new report give Marketers the ability to drill down into each lead who submitted a form, saw the fast lane, and what outcomes they've taken. We introduced a way to track when a conversation was held (a teammate and a site visitor sent messages) and made the table consistent with how contacts and activities are displayed across Drift.
    • Why: Current Chat Playbook reports count a conversation as a button click within a Playbook. For Fast lane, we learned pretty quickly that reporting on button clicks wasn’t sufficient enough because Marketers want to know more about the outcomes Fast lane is driving - holding real-time conversations or booking meetings with Sellers. To reflect this, we’ve revamped Fast lane reports to show the specific outcomes. Not only does it show the outcomes, we are also capturing and showing ALL form leads who submitted the form and didn’t engage with the Fast lane. This helps us take one step closer to expanding beyond just chat leads. Now that we have these form submission events, they can also be used in other parts of Drift like Account activity and Target account feeds to continuously give our Sales users a full picture of what’s happening across the website with their target accounts.
    • Where: Fast Lane Playbook Report
    • Who: Customers in Fast Lane early access program (EAP)
  • edited April 6

    Episode 56: Ships from 3/29 to 4/2

    • Updates to Android app
      • What: Dark UI for Android
      • Why: Customers expect a consistent look and feel across our products! After we launched Dark UI for iOS, we saw an uptick of daily user sessions. We believe it makes a lot sense to bring the Dark UI to Android and deliver the same user experience as our desktop app.
      • Where: Android App
      • Who: All customers
  • Episode 57: Ships from 4/5 to 4/9

    • *A/B Test Report
      • What: Playbook variation (A/B test) reporting
      • Who: EAP customers
      • Where: Reports > Chat > A/B test
      • Why: A/B testing of playbooks is a long desired feature, and previously only possible through a hard-to-use cookie-based method. Back in January we launched an EAP that allowed select customers to try out A/B testing on their site with minimal risk. Until now, customers were only able to export their results in a CSV, which was not pretty to look at, and would not differentiate playbook versions. Now, we've introduced first-party support for A/B test metrics, broken down by A/B version, which gives customers the insights and confidence to quickly iterate and optimize their playbooks in order to increase leads.
    • *New Reporting Metrics for Fast Lane Playbooks
      • What: Fast lane reporting now displays metrics appropriate for this playbook type to help our customers better understand the impact Fast lane is having on their forms.
      • Why: Current reporting metrics don't tell the complete story when it comes to Fast lane playbooks. Our customers had no way of knowing how effective their playbooks were post submission. Now by utilizing the new form submission events, we can provide them with the complete picture and the various outcomes Fast lane is driving at a quick glance.
      • Where: Reports > Fast Lane Playbooks > Overview
      • Who: EAP customers
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