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  • Episode 82: Ships from November 15 to 19


    Drift Revenue Acceleration Platform

    • Option to turn off 'Enter' to send messages in Widget
      • What: Site visitors have the option to press enter to either send a message or start a new line. Site visitors can use shift + enter if enter is used to create new line. Site visitors' preferences are persisted so they won't have to keep adjusting the setting each time.
      • Why: Some of our customers have site visitors chatting in using languages that requires them to switch between different modes on their keyboards to form complete messages. One language in particular, Japanese, utilizes the 'Enter' key to select characters in order to convert them into their desired output. Unfortunately, 'Enter' in the widget will send a message which blocks these site visitors from typing a full sentence.
      • Where: In the widget
      • Who: Everyone
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