how to Assign Default Owner to the leads created by drift conversation?

I am Using Drift Integrated to salesforce, Is there a way to assign Lead Owners created from drift conversation?


  • Hey Soumya,

    In order to assign Lead owners from Drift Conversations created from a Drift Conversation, you can set this here: Checking the option 'sync leads from Drift to Salesforce', you will be prompted with advanced integration sync settings.

    Looks like this:

    Which will then prompt you to set a lead owner, based on either a teammate who scheduled a meeting, Teammate who was last routed to conversation with site visitor or User who closed the conversation. You can choose which method you wish to use to assign a lead owner.

    If you are looking to map users to route to the right lead, you can check out this help doc that goes into more detail on this.

    Let me know if you have any further questions in regards to this!

    Ruhena- Drift Support ⚡️