How to Set Chat Playbook Priority (Paid plans)

edited April 2021 in Playbooks

When you have a lot of playbooks across your site, it is important to set a priority to determine which chat playbook fires first. You can do so by navigating to the Playbooks tab and click on the 'Set Priority' button near the top:

Once you click on 'Set Priority,' a new page will open with each playbook in a list where you are able to change the number of the playbook priority from a drop-down menu (which will include up to the number of total chat playbooks).

The list of playbooks will update once you select a different number and the 'Save' button will populate. Please note that Outbound and ABM welcome message playbooks are always prioritized over normal playbooks. Once you have selected the desired playbook priority, select Save and you will see an updated chat playbook list on your Playbooks page.