Accessing and Understanding The Teammate Activity Log

The Activity Log allows you to get a deeper look at how your team is interacting with Drift. You can see things like teammates being invited, deleted, and when they go on and offline.

The activity log is found by going to Settings -> Manage teammates. You will be able to see the Activity Log via the ellipsis on the top right-hand side of your teammate's list. 

Once you click into the activity log, you will see important changes on a particular date and time. To get more granular in terms of what you are looking for, then select the filters at the top of the screen.

Want to have a copy of the report? Simply click the Export CSV button to receive an email with the details of your team. You can export up the last 60 days of log history.

Note: This Activity log shows details about your teammates, not your customers. For details on Customer interactions, you'll want to reference the Audit Log.

Understanding Activity Log Fields

When exporting the Activity Log, you will see various Columns, Attributes, and Values. To better understand the information within, check out the details below.

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