How to create tags

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There are two different typing of tags. Contact tags and Conversation tags, I'm going to tell you how to do both.

Tags are a feature of all of our plans.

Types of Tags, Contact Vs. Conversation

Contact tags are tags that are associated with a person. We are currently moving away from contact tags and suggest using attributes. If you have applied contact tags previously you will still be able to segment them within your contacts but you are no longer able to apply them within a contacts profile at this time.

Conversation tags are tags that are associated with a conversation. Conversation tags are used to label a conversation under a specific topic so you can follow-up and count the number conversations associated with a topic. You can apply a conversation tag from any conversation page in Drift by clicking the little tag icon in your chat box or at a playbook level within a bot flow.

Locating Tags

You can locate your tags in your settings by going to Settings >  App Settings >  Conversations > Tags. Here you can add new contact tags or conversation tags by clicking the Create new tag button under the corresponding column.

How to Add Tags

You can add conversation tags in two ways - automatically through the bot flow and manually in the conversation view.

Filter Conversations and Contacts by Tags

In your contacts tab in Drift, you can filter contacts by tags by clicking on "Create a filter," and filtering by tagsCurrently, you can only segment based on contact tags and only contact tags that have been applied previously will show. 


We currently do not offer the ability to create segments based on conversation tags. 

Contact Tags cannot be applied in a Playbook. If you would like to apply tags using a Playbook, we recommend using attributes.

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