How to use session timeout to sync conversations to Salesforce

In order for a conversation to sync to Salesforce the conversation to sync it does have to be closed, but we don't want you to have to manually close every conversation! You can navigate over to your settings -> conversations -> advanced -> Conversation session timeout, it looks like this!

A conversation session is the time period from when the visitor first began chatting to when there have been no further messages sent in the conversation after a period of time that you choose. You can click the check box down at the bottom to use the conversation timeouts to send your information to Salesforce! This is the info that will send to Salesforce after a timeout:

  1. Creating / Updating a Lead
  2. Creating / Updating a Contact
  3. Pushing conversation data as Salesforce tasks as ‘New Conversation in Drift’

Closing a conversation will continue to sync your data. If a conversation is already closed when a conversation session ends, Drift will still make sure any contacts/leads/prospects in the downstream systems are up to date, but will only attach additional conversational data (eg a Salesforce task) if new chat messages have been sent in the conversation. 

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