Drift Video Features

With Drift Video, you can create quick, personalized videos and GIFs so you can start more conversations, shorten sales cycles, and engage more of the buying committee. But what are the differences between all available plans? 🤔

Drift Video Free allows unlimited recording, 100 video storage limit, and you can also record from the Mobile app.

With Drift Video Pro, you are able to edit video privacy, have unlimited storage, the ability to upload videos and all previous features mentioned in Drift Video Free!

You can fully experience what Drift Video has to offer with our Drift Video Teams plan. Not only are all previous plan features included but you are also given a Team Library, Folders and cloning options to share videos between all teammates. You can book meetings directly from video. Customize your video player with your Brand. Team analytics and Salesforce integration enabled. Lastly we include onboarding and training for your Team to get everyone up to speed!

You can get started with your free Drift Video account here: https://www.drift.com/platform/video/

Happy Drifting ⚡️