How does Round Robin Routing Work?

One of Drift's most powerful use cases is giving you the ability to connect your site visitor to the team member that can best assist them. Note: this is available for paid plans only.

You may ask yourself what is the logic behind it and how it works because it can seem broken, but no fear because today we will break it down so you can see how it works and how chats are assigned to your team.

First, let's get to the bound of how routing via round-robin works.

When one of your teammates joins Drift, they are assigned an internal ID on the backend of Drift. Routing works by looking at the ID numerical and teammate availability. So let's walk through an example:

In the example above, Saalik gets routed into chat #1. Then when Chat 2 comes in, note that Tyler is marked unavailable, so the goes to Taylor.

When Chat 3 rolls in, Drift starts back at the top of the list, and since Saalik is available, he gets routed in.  

This can explain why some agents get more chats in a round-robin.

To further tweak your routing take a look at the steps below!

There are a few more steps you can take to understand or tweak your routing.

The first step is to check your routing condition to see why someone was routed in. The routing conditions can be found in your conversation routing settings at Settings > App Settings > Conversation routing.

If all your convo routing skills and rules look set, the next thing to check is your Team settings at Settings > Organization Settings > Teams and ensure the person who was supposed to be routed in is both on your team and is available. Note: The Teams feature is available on our Premium (formerly Company) and Enterprise plans.

The last verification step you can take is to look at the Teammate Activity Log by navigating to Settings > Organization Settings > Manage Teammates and then clicking the ellipsis and selecting View Activity Log to see if your teammates were available at the time the customer was routed.  

Thank you, and comment below if you have more questions about routing.