New Live Conversation View Overview

At Drift, we are constantly working to enhance your experience with the platform and its functionality. This focus drove us to develop this new conversation experience, and here we will provide you with everything you need to know about the new conversations view!

Note: We will cover elements that relate to paid plans, such as syncing conversations, which sends conversation data to integrations such as a CRM.

Here is how it looks

The conversations list makes it easy to find conversations at a glance by breaking them down. You can use “All Inboxes” to monitor all your conversations as they come in or filter by a specific inbox. The sections that come with Drift include open, closed, or all conversations in each section, or create your own sections to categorize conversations and tailor your experience to your needs.

Enhancements to sending messages, including slash commands.

In the older conversation view, the only slash command available was a simple forward-slash (“/”) and was only used for creating internal notes. Now, we have 8 new slash commands

  • /note
  • /sendtranscript
  • /block
  • /tag
  • /Leave
  • /invite
  • /insert saved reply
  • /sync

Rich text

The Drift desktop app now allows you to format your text while you type easily! Highlight the text you would like to format, and the option to make that text bold, italicized, and/or underlined will automatically pop up! You can also use key commands as a shortcut for these alterations: Command + B (⌘+B) to bold your text, Command + I (⌘+I) to italicize your text, and Command + U (⌘+U) to underline your text.

Pasting images / Attaching Files

With the Drift desktop app, you now have the ability to paste images into the message composer! You can copy and paste any image file (Command+C) and paste it directly into your composer (Command+V). Additionally, when you use the shortcut Command+Control+Shift+4 to take a screenshot, you can directly paste that into the message composer as well (+V)! 

To attach a file, you can drag and drop any file! You can attach multiple files at the same time, but the max size is 25mb per file, and yes, we do scan for malware signatures in the files that are being sent.

Details sidebar updates:

The Drift desktop app has an updated Details sidebar! This new sidebar includes the following sections: 

  • Visitor info
  • Tags
  • Recent activity
  • Conversation info
  • Feedback link
  • Routing audit log
  • Targeting audit log

Each section can be accessed by expanding the right sidebar (by clicking the arrow on top) or by hovering over each section’s icon when it is collapsed. The biggest difference between this sidebar in the desktop app versus the old conversation view is that the site visitor’s recent activity timeline (that shows the visitor’s recently viewed pages) will be shown in this sidebar rather than at the top of the conversation - this helps you quickly see what the pages the visitor is navigating to on your site while you are chatting with them, in real-time and is now customizable saving you time from having to correct info in your CRM after sync. You can also use the targeting audit log and the routing audit log found in the sidebar to help troubleshoot any routing or targeting issues that may arise.


To change your agent availability using the Drift Desktop app, click the profile icon in the bottom left corner of the screen! There, you can toggle yourself to ‘Available’ or ‘Away.’ Click “Notification Settings” to turn desktop and email notifications on or off directly from here. 

Click the "..." next to the inbox name to change your composer preferences or access help.

Conversation Sections

Sections allow you to group conversations together. This allows admins to review conversations all in one spot. To begin grouping your conversations into sections, click the plus sign next to "Create Section" on the left-hand side.

Here you will be able to group conversation by using team, status, or tag, or a combination. Once created, you can move them around to your liking.

Syncing conversations

Now we have made it quicker and easier to update customer information as it is received, as you can click on the top right to sync conversations. If you close the conversation, it will also trigger a sync.

Have more questions about the new conversation view? Ask below and we would be happy to help.