What is a Conversational Landing Page?

A Conversational Landing Page offers you the ability to offer customers a tailored experience based on what they want to do. One of the neat things you can do with a Conversational Landing Page allows customers to download content (PDF in this case) while having a conversation. Conversational Landing Pages can be created from scratch, or you can use an existing playbook, and we will cover all that and more!

Note: Conversational Landing Pages are available on our premium plans and above.

How to create a Conversational Landing Page

First, click on playbooks (the bot face) to find all things playbooks, and in the chat playbooks section, select Create Chat Playbooks. For reference, see what it looks like below:

A range of options will now pop up, and you will want to choose the landing page playbook in this case.

Now the fun begins as we will be able to craft our site visitors' experience in what is known as the visual builder.

When it comes to customizing your landing page's design in the visual builder, you will see two tabs in the top navigation bar, Styles and Content.

In Styles, you can edit the color of the landing page, and options include solid or gradient. To change the color, you will click on the Background Fill dropdown.

You can choose two colors for the gradient option by selecting each color box and entering the HEX, RGB, or HSL value.

But customization does not stop here as you can also choose the color mode, and options include Light mode or Dark mode. The light mode consists of dark text on light backgrounds, while the Dark mode consists of light text on dark backgrounds.

Light mode

Dark mode

Now that we have the look and feel let's make the voice in the Content section.

Within the Content section, you'll be able to customize the header of your landing page to include your company logo, your company name, a custom logo, and an optional title! 

The question now is how can I test it?

Testing your Landing Page playbook. Head to the flow builder tab of your landing page playbook. Make sure that the playbook is turned on. If a landing page playbook is off, then you will not be able to test it. Once you've made sure your playbook is on, all you have to do is click the "Test Bot" button, which will open up your landing page in a new tab! 

If everything is set stylistically, let's share, and this is how you do it!

On the Share tab, you can edit the URL slug of your landing page!

If you've set up a custom subdomain for your landing pages, you'll see that CNAME before the slug. If you want to learn more about setting up a custom subdomain, click here!

Final details

Want to see a visual walkthrough of the Conversational Landing Page? Check out this class we created HERE.

You can create a Custom Domain Name for your Landing Pages. Check out the help doc here!

If you'd like to embed your Conversational Landing Pages directly into your page, check out our developer documentation!

Conversational Landing Pages are typically meant for ad campaigns, so we automatically hide them from search engines by default.